To be read, but not to be referenced

July 14, 2014


Usually, I reserve the phrase “compulsively readable” for books that have a compelling narrative and are satisfying. Klosterman’s book, while scoring highly on the first metric, fails to impress on the second, and thus, makes itself “compulsively readable” for the wrong reasons. Consider the width of personalities (all of whom are supposed to possess “villainous” […]

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Tracking how far she strayed

March 31, 2014


Despite what critics state about “decline in reading” and “death of the novel”, and about how, generally, there is a dearth of good books, and books in general, there is one type of book and writing that hasn’t outlived its utility: the memoir. Be it solipsistic (Franzen), self-aggrandizing (Naipaul), intimate (Knausgaard) or just whiny (Rushdie), […]

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Oatmeal Breakfast

February 18, 2014


No sooner had I made up my mind to write something than I noticed the fleck of cooked oatmeal stuck between the “7” and the “8” key of my keyboard. This made me think: when was the last time I ate whole-grain oatmeal? For as long as I can remember, I had been eating microwaved […]

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The (not so) famous five

December 22, 2013


“This is not an exhaustive list” is curious disclaimer: depending on how cynical you are, you might treat it as the lazy excuse of someone who didn’t bother to do his or her research well, or as the honesty of someone who doesn’t feign expertise and avoids immodesty by declaring limits to an exhibit. With […]

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Felina: End of story

October 13, 2013


A series finale is pretty much like sex: no matter how well executed the foreplay, if the actual lovemaking doesn’t segue passionately into a satisfying climax, then everything else leading up to that moment doesn’t count for much. The ghosts of the pasts, which all of us conveniently forget as a series plods through, are […]

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Gaiman’s latest—a drop in the pond

July 30, 2013


 If there’s one thing true about celebrity writers, it’s this: regardless of what they write, and how often, fanboys would always find ways to cull out only the best in their writings, and be blind towards the mediocre. When it comes to Neil Gaiman, the fanboys (and fangirls) are so many in number that in […]

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Defending the zombie genre

July 28, 2013


Whenever a done to death idea finds resonance with the masses again, the discourse dispensers are divided into two groups. One group laments the lack of any new ideas, and the other one drones on about how long lasting a concept can be, if it is well executed. So, when The Walking Dead—a zombie tale, […]

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